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Real Estate

Doing Business with Fannie Mae

There are several ways for real estate professionals to participate in the sale of HomePath® (Fannie Mae-owned) properties:

  1. Register to be a Potential Fannie Mae REO Agent

    Registration Process: Agents and Brokers can register online on under the Real Estate Professionals tab. Registering with Fannie Mae assures that you will be notified when Fannie Mae is looking for new real estate professionals in your area. Registering does not make you a Fannie Mae broker, nor does it mean you will automatically start receiving listings from Fannie Mae.

  2. Selection Process:

    When our current broker network cannot meet our needs, applications will be distributed and considered based on geographic location and work demand. Brokers in a particular geography who meet our qualification requirements will then go through a competitive selection process. Keep in mind, we don't know when new brokers will be needed, so you shouldn't expect/plan to receive listings from Fannie Mae in the near term.

  3. Bring Buyers to Purchase Fannie Mae Properties

    We pay competitive commissions and may offer incentives to real estate professionals and homebuyers to help sell our properties. Locate available properties at Contact the listing broker/agent for showing instructions if you have an interested buyer.

Expectations of Doing Business with Fannie Mae

Financial Capital

As a HomePath listing agent, your brokerage should be able to cover the following listing-related expenses: re-key costs, minor maintenance, minor/major repair costs, relocation assistance and other costs that may be reimbursed through Fannie Mae (usually within 45-65 days).


You may be required to do various tasks, including:

  • Approaching the current occupants to make them aware of their options.
  • Providing an opinion of value.
  • Obtaining bids and coordinating repairs.
  • Assisting selling agents with the specific sales and closing process.
  • In addition, you may need to work with our servicing lenders to assist homebuyers with short sales and help prevent foreclosure.
  • Have daily access to a computer and a proficiency level that will allow you to correspond with Fannie Mae and fully utilize our REO management platform.
  • Your office must maintain Errors and Omissions Insurance coverage of, at least, $1 million (aggregate) and $1 million (per occurrence).
  • Your office must maintain a General Liability Insurance coverage of, at least, $2 million (aggregate) and $1 million (per occurrence).

Fannie Mae listing agents are expected to:

  • Represent Fannie Mae honestly, ethically and professionally
  • Comply with the letter and spirit of all policies
  • Manage performance of properties
  • Support Fannie Mae's corporate initiatives

Special Handling & Knowledge

You may experience properties with environmental issues such as asbestos, mold, oil leaks, biohazards and drug contamination. As a HomePath listing agent, you must be able to identify situations that pose risk and report them immediately so that appropriate action can be taken by Fannie Mae.

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