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Starting the
Homebuying Process

If you're looking to buy a HomePath home, whether you're buying your first home or your fifth, the experience can be exciting, confusing, overwhelming and wonderful — all at once! Buying a Fannie Mae-owned home isn't much different. We're here to help you through the process with tools and resources.

Steps to Finding Your Home

You're ready to start your house hunting. Sounds easy enough... but... there are a few things to do before you get started, such as: finding the right resources, prioritizing your wants and needs, scouting locations, etc.

When it comes to finding a home, you'll want to:

  1. Find an agent
  2. List your requirements (needs and wants)
  3. Research locations (neighborhood/community)
  4. Start searching
  5. Find a home
  6. Make an offer

These steps may not always follow a particular order, but one step may influence another. For example, you may choose a real estate agent that specializes in a particular area you want to live in. Or your needs and wants may determine a certain type of home only available in a specific location.


A knowledgeable and experienced real estate professional can add real value to your search. They're knowledgeable about particular communities and market prices, and will provide advice and support throughout the process including contract negotiations, financing, home inspections and closing.

Agent Types

Not all agents may fill the same role — some may work exclusively with buyers; some may only focus on selling properties; and some may play a different role based on the property. Here's the typical breakdown:

Buyer's (or Selling) Agent: works with the buyer to find a home and make an offer and represents the buyer in the home buying process. You work with a buyer's agent when purchasing a home.

Listing Agent: works with the homeowner to list and market the home for sale, and represents the seller in the home buying process.

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