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If you're looking to buy a HomePath home, whether you're buying your first home or your fifth, the experience can be exciting, confusing, overwhelming and wonderful — all at once! Buying a Fannie Mae-owned home isn't much different. And to help you through the process, we've got handy tools and resources available.


Fraud Awareness and Prevention

Fannie Mae is committed to preventing mortgage fraud, including REO Sale and Short Sale fraud, whether perpetrated by borrowers, purchasers, real estate professionals or any other parties involved in real estate transactions. Fannie Mae is at the forefront of developing tools and deterrents designed to prevent mortgage fraud, and we partner with law enforcement agencies in their efforts to detect and prosecute fraud.

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HomePath Calculators

Not sure how much home you can afford? Use the mortgage calculators to estimate your potential monthly payments and determine what's affordable within your budget.

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Devin and Martha have outgrown their 2 bedroom / 1 bath rental home. With their two kids getting older, they realize they need more space, but are concerned about finding — and affording — a larger home in a family-friendly neighborhood near good schools. Devin and Martha have done their research and have decided to go with a foreclosed property. Thanks to, they've narrowed down their choices, and with the help of Yolanda, their real-estate professional, are hoping that this is the perfect house for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Review our FAQs for more information on Fannie Mae, HomePath, and purchasing or selling a HomePath property.

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Online Offers Close
After March 5, 2013, all counter offers must be submitted on the Online Offers system on the site. This applies to both counter offers submitted by Fannie Mae listing agents and counters submitted on behalf of the buyer by buyer's agents.

Please refer to for instructions on how to submit the counter through the Online Offers system. You can also call 1-866-218- 4446 for assistance.

Report Mortgage Fraud

Report possible fraud directly to Fannie Mae at You may also call our Fraud Tips Hotline at 1-800-7FANNIE (1-800-732-6643) to report possible fraud or if you have other concerns relating to a Fannie Mae-owned property.