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Homebuying Process

If you're looking to buy a HomePath home, whether you're buying your first home or your fifth, the experience can be exciting, confusing, overwhelming and wonderful — all at once! Buying a Fannie Mae-owned home isn't much different. We're here to help you through the process with tools and resources.

Other Helpful Resources

Buying a Fannie Mae-owned home can be overwhelming. And to help you through the process, we've got handy tools and resources available.

Improved Properties

Sometimes HomePath® properties receive repairs and improvements before they are listed for sale. National and local vendors provide services to Fannie Mae, improving items such as flooring and paint. You can easily identify the properties that have had improvements — they will be noted by one of the two symbols below.

Improved Properties

Properties with this logo have had certain repairs performed by The Home Depot as a preferred repair contractor for Fannie Mae.

Improved Properties

Properties with this logo have had certain repairs performed by Fannie Mae-approved repair contractors.

Please keep in mind that Fannie Mae may not repair or replace everything in a home — we always strongly recommend that buyers hire an independent home inspector prior to purchase to identify any areas that may be of concern. Fannie Mae sells its properties 'as is' and is not responsible for fixing problems after a transfer of ownership.

HomePath Calculators

Not sure how much home you can afford? Use the mortgage calculators to estimate your potential monthly payments and determine what's affordable within your budget.

HomePath Homebuyers Closing Checklist

Once an offer to purchase a HomePath home is accepted, it's important to know what happens next. There are many important activities and required timeframes that buyers need to be aware of. The listing agent is a great resource for information and will work closely with your real estate agent to support a successful closing. In addition, Fannie Mae provides a tool to keep you on track. Click here to learn more and download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review our FAQs for more information on Fannie Mae, HomePath, and purchasing or selling a HomePath property.

Fraud Awareness and Prevention

Fannie Mae is committed to preventing mortgage fraud, including REO Sale and Short Sale fraud, whether perpetrated by borrowers, purchasers, real estate professionals or any other parties involved in real estate transactions. Fannie Mae is at the forefront of developing tools and deterrents designed to prevent mortgage fraud, and we partner with law enforcement agencies in their efforts to detect and prosecute fraud.

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