COMING SOON: A new HomePath

HomePath will have a new look and improved features to help you search and make offers on the current inventory of Fannie Mae-owned homes for sale.

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Buyers Agents

If you're a real estate professional, we've got important resources here to help you — whether you have a buyer interested in purchasing a HomePath home, or you're interested in becoming a Fannie Mae listing agent. You can sign up for e-mail alerts, get instructions and educational materials on how to make an offer and more. Be sure to check back often for updates.

HomePath Pro Agents

We recognize Fannie Mae Listing Agents as real estate professionals and want to ensure they are professional when it comes to Fannie Mae and HomePath as well. HomePath Pro is Fannie Mae's designation for Fannie Mae Listing Agents, and we have a comprehensive program that aligns our expectations for HomePath Pros with robust tools, resources and feedback focused on the specific areas where real estate agents add the greatest value to the REO sales process. If you're a HomePath Pro agent, we've got important resources here to help you.

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