Financing and Special Offers

A foreclosed property can represent a great opportunity and a good value — but a HomePath property can offer even more. Some homes may qualify for special incentives, which will be clearly indicated on the property details page of an eligible property.


The HomePath Ready Buyer™ Initiative: Be an informed homebuyer

At HomePath, we support smart and sustainable homeownership as it advances Fannie Mae's mission to stabilize neighborhoods. If you're a First Time Homebuyer, we encourage you to take this education course to prepare you for the responsibilities of homeownership. After completing the course, attach the course completion certificate to an initial offer, successfully negotiate a purchase of a HomePath property, and you can request up to 3% closing cost assistance toward your purchase*. Click here for details.

*Restrictions apply. See full terms & conditions.

HomePath Financing

Financing flexibilities for Fannie Mae-owned properties, known as HomePath® properties, include:

  • Interested Party Contributions – this is usually paid by the seller – HomePath properties qualify for expanded eligibility.
  • Multiple Financed Properties – flexibility for a home-buyer who already owns 5-10 financed properties.

The above flexibilities are available on all HomePath properties. All other requirements of Fannie Mae’s Selling Guide apply. For more information on HomePath properties, lenders should see Selling Guide section B5-4-08: Loans Securing HomePath Properties (06/24/2014). See also Announcement SEL-2014-07.

Effective October 7, 2014, Fannie Mae is retiring the HomePath Mortgage (HPM) and HomePath Renovation Mortgage (HPRM) products.

First Look Program

Fannie Mae's innovative First Look marketing period was created to promote homeownership and contribute to neighborhood stabilization — allowing homebuyers to negotiate and purchase foreclosed properties before they are made available to investors.

Details include:

  • First Look is typically the first 20 days a property is listed on (Nevada is 30 days).
  • Properties in the First Look period have a countdown clock on the property information page of displaying the days remaining to purchase.
  • Eligible buyers during First Look are owner occupants*, public entities and their partners, and some non profits.

*Owner occupants are those buyers that will occupy the property as their principal residence within 60 days of closing and will maintain their occupancy for at least 1 year. Owner-occupant purchasers are required to sign an Owner Occupant Certification as a rider to the Real Estate Purchase Addendum. A buyer purchasing in the name of a trust, purchasing as a vacation/part-time residence, or purchasing so another person or relative can live in the property will typically be considered an investor and not eligible during First Look.

Investor offers submitted after the First Look period expires will be considered along with all other offers.

Ask a Fannie Mae listing broker for more details. If you are concerned that the First Look marketing period is not being handled appropriately on a particular property, contact the Fannie Mae Resource Center immediately at 1-800-732-6643.

Financing Assistance Programs

Many state and local housing authorities offer financing programs that can assist you with the down payment and purchase of your new home. Additionally, HUD's Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) provides homebuyer funds through special financing programs.

We support public funds programs and offer additional assistance to the buyer, including the following:

  • Earnest money requirement for individuals using public funds is only $500. Fannie Mae waives the earnest money requirement for public entities using public funds to purchase a Fannie Mae- owned property.

  • Once an offer using NSP funds is accepted, buyers have the opportunity to renegotiate after receiving an NSP required Uniform Residential Appraisal value for the property.

  • The standard closing period for a public funds offer is 45 days, which allows time to fulfill the NSP requirements for funding.

  • Buyers using public funds to purchase a home can do so without competition from investors during the First Look marketing period (typically the first 20 days on the market).

Improved Properties

Sometimes HomePath® properties receive repairs and improvements before they are listed for sale. National and local vendors provide services to Fannie Mae, improving items such as flooring and paint. You can easily identify the properties that have had improvements – they will be noted by one of the two symbols below.

Properties with this logo have had certain repairs performed by The Home Depot as a preferred repair contractor for Fannie Mae.

Properties with this logo have had certain repairs performed by Fannie Mae-approved repair contractors.

Please keep in mind that Fannie Mae may not repair or replace everything in a home - we always strongly recommend that buyers hire an independent home inspector prior to purchase to identify any areas that may be of concern. Fannie Mae sells its properties "as is" and is not responsible for fixing problems after a transfer of ownership