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At Fannie Mae, the mission of the Fannie Mae Property Maintenance team is to ensure the quality of our REO property maintenance services, consistently producing best-in-class, market-ready properties and maintaining them until removal from our inventory.

Continued Community Focus

At Fannie Mae, we continuously look for ways to improve our property maintenance processes, as well as find innovative ways to secure our properties in the neighborhoods we serve. One example is the introduction of Clear Boarding, a polycarbonate board-up system which offers a unique alternative to using plywood if a property requires boarding. Clear Boarding combines the necessary strength to protect the property with transparent window covers, giving an appearance of traditional windows, while securing the property and not exposing its vacancy to onlookers. Fannie Mae believes that the benefits from the use of Clear Boarding further support the mission and goals of Fannie Mae.

Clear Boarding is available for use by Fannie Mae's vendors in all states across the nation and has enhanced Fannie Mae's position as the industry leader in neighborhood stabilization.

BEFORE and AFTER photos of Clear Boarding.

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